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I really need to post on here more.. 

Roleplays and work are taking over my life, but that’s okay. Roleplays let me escape work while at work.

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Crappy manip of mine.

Crappy manip of mine.

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curiousrepresentations said:
"Do you roleplay strictly over tumblr?"

No. I roleplay over twitter as well.

firstclassmutants said:
"Hi if you're still looking for an RP to join, I'd love for you to check us out. :)"


tianna-keller said:
"hey! so i just saw that you were looking for a rp in need of players? well i have just the role play :) it's a really cute lovey one :) there are heaps of characters up for grabs and the rp has just started :) aim-your-arrow(.)tumblr(.)com hope you apply xx"


All of the awards to Harry Shum Jr. just for the last gif

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Updating my roleplay tag here shortly. 

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